Feelings that can’t be expressed in words

2 min readFeb 28, 2023
Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

She is called impatiens, a plant species with a common nickname known as touch-me-not. When she blooms, her beautiful petals are seen and admired by many, yet she is forlorn. As a flower, she is regarded as fragile and her nectar attracts butterflies, who are constantly on the lookout to devour her. It doesn’t take her long to grow and bloom, but when she is cut from her roots, she dies faster than she grows.

Time is not on her side as she withers in the hands of the one who plucks her. If she could speak, her words would be, “I’m vulnerable, take care of me”. 🥀

She yearns for sunlight and for the rainy season to bring her water. She is unable to speak or walk. She’s suffocating, but she can’t scream. She sees what she wants but is unable to obtain it. She is expected to multiply her kind by budding more branches. In society, she is sold to the highest bidder in florist shops, and if no one wants to buy her, she is trashed.

If she was human…

She learned to be independent and self-sufficient. She never asked for help because she saw it as a burden or a sign of weakness. She always portrayed herself as a strong individual. When she faces the most difficult challenges, she is not the one to call for help. She is always calm in difficult situations. She may be hungry, but she never begs from others. Her way of life has always been to work, earn what she needs, and take care of herself.

She hasn’t had many people in her life, but she has very high standards for who she allows into her life. The world sees her as a strong and dependable person to rely on, but she’s grown tired of being strong. She simply wants to be vulnerable, and reliant on others.

But she is not human… 🌹.