Case Study: Tamara

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5 min readOct 27, 2023
Tamara mobile app

The Design Brief 📄

The task was to “Introduce a new feature in Tamara that engages Tamara’s users in a loyalty program. The program was to allow users get rewarded for referrals, cashback, and writing reviews taking into account how the gamification aspect would work, as well as how the user might apply their rewards”. The design deliverables was to provide UI screens of the new feature being introduced.

My design process 👩🏽‍💻

As with most projects, I start with research, documenting ideas before designing. I researched about loyalty programs, rewards, payment and even the culture in Saudi Arabia. I will not bore you with every single detail of my research findings but will focus on the juicy contents such as the feature I introduced, the reason I introduced it, how it works, and the design deliverables like userflows, wireframes, and mockups.

The Feature 💡

I introduced a feature called “Tamara Club” which is a point based loyalty program curated for Tamara users to reward customers who repeatedly utilize Tamara services for their needs. The club is divided into three levels, Gold, Elite and Sultan, with each level having varying rewards and point requirements. The goal was to encourage customer loyalty and build trust between Tamara users and the brand.

Why I Introduced “Tamara Club “ 🤷🏽‍♀️

57.4 percent of customers join loyalty programs to save money while 37.5 percent of customers join loyalty programs to receive rewards — From a research study by Khalid Saleh (CEO Invesp)

Key insights I got from my research informed my decision for a point base loyalty program for Tamara users. People often feel a sense of belonging when appreciated or rewarded and so I thought of a program that would fill this void, reward users as well as engage them in fun activities where they could earn. As with any loyalty program for any business, it comes with a price such as giving out discounts, cashback, and other incentives; nevertheless, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, and these are the reasons I introduced Tamara club:

  • For flexibility and also to aid customer data collection for cross-selling and targeted promotions.
  • To increase transaction and customer referrals.
  • For higher customer retention and brand advocacy.

How Tamara Club works ⚙️

Firstly, users are to earn and accumulate Tamara Experience Points from the transactions they make using Tamara, writing reviews, referring people, and through gamification. I categorized earning Tamara XP into:

  • Play & Earn — involves doing exciting missions and playing games
  • Shop & Earn — Involves paying with Tamara
  • Refer & Earn — Involves referring friends to Tamara

Secondly, users are to exchange their Tamara Experience Points (TXP) for rewards like discounts, cashback, point purchase, referral bonus, etc.

Tamara Club Tier Levels

  • Gold: users on this level start at 0 XP to 4999 XP
  • Elite: users on this level start at 5000 XP to 9999 XP
  • Sultan: users on this level start at 10000 XP and above

How to Calculate Tamara Experience Points (TXP)

The amount of Tamara XP earned from a transaction will be calculated using the formula:

Tamara XP Fomula

Net Transaction is the total of all transactions made in a single transaction excluding any cashback, discounts.

Required reward points is a fixed point at 10.

Multiplying factor will be determined based on the shopping category and service.

User-flows 🔀

While ideating on how Tamara club would work, I drafted the two user flows. The first user flow below is for how users would earn Tamara experience points.

User-flow to earn Tamara experience points

The second user flow below is for how users would exchange their points for rewards. This is to ensure that the screens designed would address user needs.

User-flow to earn exchange points for reward

Mockups 🎨

After figuring out the flow, I went on to design the high fidelity mockups.

  1. Home Screen: Introduction of the Tamara Experience point (XP) on the home screen.
Before and after Home screen of the Tamara app showing Tamara XP progress bar.

2. User Account Screen: Updating the refer & earn section with Tamara Club on the user account screen.

Before and after of user account screen

3. Tarama Club Screens: The objective of these screens are to enable users view their progress levels, earn Tamara experience points and redeem rewards using their Tamara XP.

Gamification 🎮

On the Play & Earn screen, I considered adding a gaming section after the missions section. The goal is to showcase games curated for Tamara users to keep them engaged on the app. By playing these games, users can earn Tamara XP, which can be exchanged for rewards. I thought of a game that I called “GuesTam,” which is similar to finding-the-ball game that is played with three cups.

Gamification wireframes

GuesTam is a guessing game that features six Tamara XP rewards. The game starts off showing users six varying points to be won which is then covered in a treasure chest for users to shuffle. Users are to keep their eyes on their desired XP while shuffling to enable them guess correctly, the position of that XP. The objective is to engage and motivate users as well as increase user screen time.

Wireframe of Guess Tam

Next steps

I learnt a couple of things working on this project, one of which is understanding the problem you’re trying to solve. Ensuring that business needs are taken into consideration in addition to user needs. The next steps would be to conduct early usability test and move on to create high fidelity prototypes that addresses the gamification feature and user needs.